AuroraCentralis BTFB

As part of the official Aurora Centralis blog tour, I was able to ask author Amanda Bridgeman some questions, which she was nice enough to answer.

Aurora: Centralis is the fourth in a Science fiction / Thriller/ Action series. It will be available for purchase on 26 March 2015. For those who haven’t read it, my review of the book can be found here.

Without further ado, let’s head straight to the interview.

Firstly, let’s say that I loved your first three books. Can we expect more of the same in Aurora: Centralis or do you think your readers will finish the book shocked and surprised?

Amanda bridgeman

I think readers will definitely be shocked and surprised with how I end Centralis. It’s the halfway point of the series, so a lot of questions are answered and secrets revealed, which sees part of the storyline come to an end, but another, much bigger, story arc take off…

If your book was being studied in an English class at school, what themes would you draw out?

I’ve always liked the whole ‘working together’ theme. The Aurora team pulling together to do what needs to be done, despite their sex, their race, their age, etc. They each have different skills that they bring to the table, and each one is important because together they make one whole strong entity.

Carrie Welles is a strong yet flawed character. What do you have in common with her? Which of her attributes would you like to have and which are you glad you don’t?

I’m a little fiery like Carrie, I have to admit. And we both swear too much… Although I can be stubborn at times, it’s not quite as bad as Carrie’s stubbornness. So that would be what I choose ‘not’ to have of hers… I would like to be as perfect as she is with her shooting. To be at the top of my game at something, would be awesome. I’ve always pretty much been an average at everything…

I read you based Saul Harris in part on Will Smith’s character in I am Legend. Is Smith who you would cast if your film was made into a movie? What about Carrie, Doc and McKinley?

I did picture Will Smith as Harris when I wrote it, and it was definitely inspired by how Will was in I Am Legend – and to be honest I still picture him as Harris when I’m writing it, so he would be good in the film. But I do also love Idris Elba and think he would make an awesome Harris! If Denzel was a little bit younger, he’d be great too. I’m still not sure about Carrie. I think an ‘unknown’ or relatively unknown actress might be the way to go for her – and she would definitely need to know how to do an Aussie accent!

I always pictured Doc as Colin Farrell (in his younger days), so someone like that with dark hair and dark eyes… With McKinley I’ve never pictured him as a particular actor, but I would very much welcome Chris Hemsworth playing the part. A lot of my friends would like to see Charlie Hunnam in the role, though!

On another blog you’ve detailed your love for sci fi and outlined some of your favourite films (I agree with most of them, but Pacific Rim? Really?). You also noted that a medieval fantasy is also on your list of future works. What fantasy novels have inspired you? Why?

Ha! I was trying to mix up the films a little in that blog by adding Pacific Rim – so they weren’t all straight alien films. I didn’t like it as much as the others on that list, but I didn’t mind it (hello it stars Idris Elba!). It was fun. 😉 With regards to the second part of the question, I haven’t read a great deal of medieval fantasy, so most of my inspiration comes from film. The kind of book I’m planning actually has less of a fantasy element in it now, and is probably more of a historical action/drama (?). It would be like a cross between Willow, Braveheart and The Last of The Mohicans… with a touch of real life Boudica inspiration thrown in. I love a good warrior tale with plenty of drama – particularly one with a romance threaded throughout…

How do you find your studies have helped your writing?

I studied film/tv and creative writing at university, so it certainly was a good foundation for which to build stories upon. It also made me appreciate just how hard it is to make a film and bring a story together! When editing novels you need to be analytical, so that background certainly came in handy!

You had five books written before the first was published. Now that you’re coming to the end of that stash, are you feeling stressed about keeping up your gruelling publishing schedule?

You know what, I’m actually looking forward to it! I feel like I’ve been on an editing cycle for ages now (although that was my choice and I thoroughly enjoy it). It’s been great to get the novels out quickly and allow readers to get hooked on the series, but I do feel as though I haven’t had time to sink my teeth into some real writing for a while, so I’m looking forward to the freedom of having that again – no deadlines! I’ve got a bunch of novels itching to be written, so I can’t wait to get them out onto the page and get them to readers!

What are the things you’ve had to give up to make time for your writing?

A social life? No, thankfully all my friends are married with kids so they don’t have social lives either. 😉 I suppose being single, the hardest thing is not having the time (or the patience) for dating! I literally don’t have time, nor care, for the game-playing. Seriously, he’s gotta be pretty worth it to entice me away from writing. I guess this is why I’m single… But hey, if the right one comes along, I’m sure I can find the time to put the books down for a while… 😉