Aurora: Pegasus is the second in Amanda Bridgeman’s Aurora series.


Carrie Welles and Captain Harris have survived the attack of the superhuman “jumbos” on the Darwin. But Carrie’s still having nightmares, to the detriment of her new lover Doc. And Harris is starting to think he’s losing his mind as dead relatives dominate his thoughts, mouthing doom laden premonitions.

Harris soon discovers their fears are founded. The jumbos that the crew of the Aurora left incarcerated on the Darwin space station have broken free. The United National Forces (UNF) are blaming Harris for leaving them there in the first place and expect him to find them.

He hatches a plan to catch the jumbos. Use Carrie as bait. But Harris suspects there’s still a turncoat in the UNF and the jumbos always seem to be three steps ahead. Making things worse is the forbidden nature of Doc and Carrie’s relationship. Will their feelings for each other unravel the mission?

I couldn’t stop reading this book. I was rude to someone I regularly talk to on my daily commute because I couldn’t bear to waste the time speaking to them that I could use to read.

While Aurora: Darwin has an Alien feel to it because the marines head towards an unknown danger in the middle of space, Aurora: Pegasus has an Empire Strikes Back atmosphere. It’s got the romance – complete with a (sort of) love triangle. It has the surprise revelations. It has the same cliffhanger ending that leaves the reader gasping for more.

Yet what really made this book for me was Bridgeman’s ability to raise the stakes (completely lacking in the last book I reviewed). While it’s pretty obvious from the start that the plan to use Carrie as bait will not go smoothly, Bridgeman does more than simply deliver the disaster we expect. Instead, she creates a nightmare situation the reader is almost too horrified to read.

One by one, Bridgeman removes the stabilisers that keep Carrie on an even keel: Her trust in the plan; Her father’s devotion; Her bond with her fellow soldiers; Her relationship with Doc; Her self control; The support of Captain Harris; The Aurora.

When there is nothing left, what will she do?

I loved the book and I will be counting the days until the next one is released on 11 September. I am giving it a 4.5/5.