ImageI fell in love with this self-published work.

The excerpt below from the novel’s opening epitomises its soul:

It was a five-block walk to the nearest stairs or a fifty-foot plunge straight down to the gray metal sidewalk.

I jumped.

After a lazy mid-air summersault, I landed approximately on my head. My guns flew from my holsters and I tumbled a good ten feet.

Ow,” I said to no one in particular, rubbing my neck.

The jump is unexpected and it’s the perfect way to introduce the special abilities of the main character – Hank is almost indestructible. But he’s not a hero. He’s not even particularly bright. He’s just a guy doing his job, which is serving as a negotiator and general dogsbody for the criminal underworld that is the space station Belvaille.

If bullets don’t hurt you, it’s going to give you a different view on life. That perspective shines out of every page. Hank doesn’t have any ambition. Or any real hobbies. He doesn’t even really want to get into pretty girls’ pants. He just does his job and then goes to the casino and blows a lot of money buying drinks and listening to peoples’ stories. Of course he won’t remember those stories. He’s lived too long for that.

Luckily, he’s not the toughest man on Belvaille. There are entities – I’m not sure I’d call them people – who are perfectly capable of kicking his arse. So we’re still interested in seeing if he succeeds. In fact I enjoyed every moment until about three quarters through. At this point the book changed from typical grungy urban sci-fi to a kind of space opera cross. It didn’t work for me. Hank works in his element. He just seems stupid outside of it.

Having said that, the beginning was so awesome I’m going to have to give the book a 4.5/5.

If you’re interested, Campbell has also written about his story towards self publishing his novel here.

He used Kickstarter to raise some money for the novel, but admits it was actually mainly for publicity purposes. Smart man.

I assume he used some of that on his cartoon YouTube video – a great idea. Unfortunately, although I love a good book trailer, I think this one is waaaaayyyyyyyyyyy too long and not well scripted. See what you think:

Good effort, even if it wasn’t quite perfect.