(Credit: Tor Books, Orson Scott Card, Sam Weber)

A while ago I decided to read Orson Scott Card’s Ender series, because I’d been told by so many people that it was good. Then I found out Hollywood was making a film of it, and one of the favourite actors of my youth will be starring in the film: Harrison Ford. I was a big Star Wars fan and with the exception of my husband, I know no one who didn’t enjoy him as Indiana Jones. Many people liked his acting in Blade Runner the best, although I admit I never got into that one. The Fugitive was probably the last Ford movie that blew me away.

The sad thing is, I can only vaguely remember what happens in the Ender books and have absolutely no recollection of Ford’s character Colonel Graff. I’m wondering if I should read the books again before I see the movie, or if I should just leave it and let the movie tell the story.

What do you think?