Credit: SMH and Penguin

This week I received the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food Guide 2012 for a Christmas present. I have a number of the previous versions, which would make some people wonder if I really need another one. But I have to say that restaurants can vary enormously in quality over time. There was one restaurant in Glebe that was delectable when it was in the Good Food Guide, but a year later was just plain ordinary. The people putting together the guide obviously noted the difference, because it wasn’t there.

After a fantastic dinner once at Flying Fish a couple of years ago, my husband and I seem to always be searching for the perfect restaurant experience. It’s a pleasant journey, that will likely never have an end, although it’s sometimes hard on the pockets.

I often wonder what the life of these reviewers is like. Do they spend their breakfast in a Cafe considering the food, then move onto a restaurant for lunch and then another restaurant after that? It seems unlikely. For how could you ever gain any perspective on how good the food is if you don’t get to eat like the rest of us plebs some of the time. Also, I could imagine it would make going to a restaurant a real chore.

I also note that there’s advertising in the book, which makes me wonder whether it has a higher profit margin than other publications, or whether it costs more to produce, as the book itself isn’t exactly newspaper cheap.

I’m disappointed that Kiama, where my husband sometimes spend time when we’re out of Sydney, doesn’t have any entries in the guide this year. No haute cuisine for us. But then, that gives us something to look forward to when we come back to the big smoke.

Otherwise, I’m reading another fantasy book that I’ll write about in another couple of days and I’ve been scouting for my next purchase. I’m quite tempted by this book that I saw in Orbit’s blog — <i>Seven Princes</i> by John R. Fultz.

He tries to capture what his book is about in his blog:

Seven Princes is about the clash of sword and shield, the fury of unleashed sorceries, the unyielding passions light and dark that drive us to our destinies. It’s about loyalty, friendship, jealousy, rage, vengeance, death, and the overwhelming power of blood. (Both the literal and hereditary kinds.)

That sounds like just my kind of book. Wonder if it’ll live up to his spruiking.