(Credit: Michael Sullivan)

I was really thrilled for Michael Sullivan earlier this year when his decision to go down the self publishing route paid off as his six book fantasy series was picked up by Orbit. It just goes to show that you can get recognition from traditional publishers for books you’ve moved to market by yourself. His series the Riyria chronicles, which follows two thieves Royce and Hadrian, who have an intact sense of honour coupled with a strong need to find enough money to keep themselves comfortable,  grabbed me and pulled me along with its unpretentious flow. It doesn’t attempt to be literary and I love it for that. It just entertains. Hadrian is exactly my type of hero: strong, up for a fight and not overly self torturing. Meanwhile Royce is the perfect counterpoint, relying on brains not brawn to achieve his means. After a botched job, they find themselves on a mission to help a princess and seem to get dragged along by circumstance into increasingly hairy situations as the books continue.

The six book series has been conglomerated into a trilogy by Orbit. Since five of the books had already been published before Orbit jumped on the bandwagon, this would have left some of us having to pay for a full fifth and sixth book despite already having bought the first. However, Sullivan said at the time the announcement was made that Orbit has agreed to publish the sixth book Percepliquis as a standalone for those of us in that predicament.  I’m sure it will be more expensive than the first few were, but then I guess the price we paid for those earlier novels was really just our reward for finding Sullivan’s stories before Orbit did. Percepliquis will be available next month, according to Sullivan, and I’m looking forward to diving into it.